TopMatrix diecutting technology
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TopMatrix ® technology
Worldwide Patented Innovation

Dies including this technology are all named TopMatrix® dies, or TOPMATRIX® dies or topmatrix® dies. Most often, TopMatrix® dies are requested by big buyers of corrugated packages, in a deal with the actual diecutting plant, to secure that they always get best possible cut quality supplied, i.e. minimum of strip fails, swarf/dust, cracks etc. But most often also requested as a part of a productivity program, focused on all those very dies in a plant which are in use very often, in order to get great savings, on set times, number of needed renewal dies or knife/rubber repairs etc.

This is how TopMatrix® technology works !

Red parts are CAD/CAM-made plates, laminated/glued to the ejection rubber, overall the cut layout or partially only, due to required functions and die-tool economy.

”overall/full design”
= normal on flatbed dies
”partial design”
= normal on rotary dies

The plates have slippery stiff and hydrophobic surfaces, and all extends close up to the steel rules(cut/creasing) (in the figures: black vertical bars)

The resulting die, works as any other type of die in die-cutting machines, but performs in a much superior way, due to the slippery surfaces, edges etc., which effectively,

  • synchronize the compression as well as the ejection, close up to the steel rules, although uneven anvils are used or uneven corrugated boards are processed.
  • eliminate locking/tearing/cracking forces against the corrugated board, especially if stiff, fast ejectors are used and if high speed is applied
  • eliminate local crushes of the corrugated board, especially if stiff or fast ejectors are used
  • stabilize the cutting/nip zones from being forced aside during the cut moment and prior full split is accomplished

Commercial availability and license
Can be used by licensed plants only, or by such plants which are supplied by a licensed diemaker, please contacts us for details.
Illegal use by a diecutting plant is a serious crime, associated with penalty fees, bad publicity etc, with ref. to both international and national laws.

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All patents are managed by the
inventor Prof. Dr. Sören Cavlin
and the holding company SOBI.


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