TopMatrix diecutting technology
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Expanding use and market

More or less daily, at least 100 diecutting plants in Europe are using TopMatrixTM dies at production of corrugated packages, by which almost one billion packages annually are produced: and annually some 9000 TopMatrixTM dies are made by licensed diemakers and supply centres, so far established in 16 countries.

Normally, a certain mixture of TopMatrixTM dies and conventional dies is used in a diecutting plant, for instance 25/75%, including TopMatrix applications on all those dies in use very often, besides on dies of selected customer groups, which don´t accept bad cut quality, i.e. swarf/cut dust, cracks, etc. However, more and more plants for production of corrugated packages, decide to go for 100% TopMatrixTM dies, because of registered benefits over a long period in terms of productivity and cut quality, but also because of the chance to get reduced overall die cost annually, considering the reduced need for rubber repairs (rotary) or knife repair (flatbed) and the reduced need for remakings of those dies which are in repeated use very often.