TopMatrix diecutting technology
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Die making cost and economy

Manufacture of a TopMatrixTM die, instead of a conventional die, adds an extra cost of 1% up to 30 % depending on the type of die, rotary or flatbed, whether rational CAD/CAM machines are used, making efficiency, rubbering etc.

In cost calculations, said extra cost can be considered as an investment, paid off by annually cost savings and reduced customers risks. That is, one part is paid off as a sales support and assurance against arising cut quality complaints, strip fails, swarf/cut dust etc. Another part is paid off by annual saved set and break down times. The remaining part is paid off by annual reduced number of renewal dies or reduced inplant repair work on the dies. In some cases, the last saving is indeed great and may cover all the extra making cost (=extra purchasing cost) on the TopMatrix dies, why all the other benefits turn into pure profits and improved cash flow as well.

Most likely for a diecutting plant is to get the overall annual diecost reduced, at using TopMatrixTM dies instead of conventional dies, assuming repair and maintenance costs are included, as well as all needed renewal makings. And on top of said cost reduction, gets both improved productivity and cut quality.